Last year I was 325lbs, wore size 48-50 pants, and 3XXL shirts and was in the worst shape ever, and I even remember telling my wife that I’ll be fat for the rest of my life. In December 2009, I asked Steve to start training me and also tohelp me learn more about nutrition. This decision has dramatically changed my life for the better, and I am grateful that he decided to help me, and continues to, every morning at 5AM. I’d be kidding, if I said his training sessions are easy, they are not –they are hard, hard, hard, and he pushes you to your limit and then some. For those people who areoverweight and want to get into the shape you often think about, and may be scared, embarrassed, and/or simply not sure what to do or how to start – I recommend contacting Steve and begin the transition of getting into the healthy body you always wanted. It is achievable with hard work, commitment, discipline and most important Steve. Wayne Sutherland