I’ve known and trained with Steve for a little over two years. When I first began my training with Steve I was still recovering from a dislocated shoulder and was unsure of how to workout without re-injuring my shoulder. To put it mildly, I was out of shape. I had not been in a gym for months, and I was running low on both motivation and direction when it came to going back to the gym. That’s when I met Steve. After an initial consultation with Steve I was confident that I wanted him to be my trainer. The next day I had my first training session. After the session, I was exhausted and confident that I didn’t want to continue training; it was just too difficult for me at the time. So, I stopped going to the gym. I had already paid for one month of training sessions, and I figured that Steve would not really be bothered if I decided to quit training. I was wrong. Steve hounded me every day to change my attitude and get back to the gym. Steve told me to finish the training sessions I had purchased and then decide from there if I wanted to continue. So, I trained with Steve for the month. The training sessions were never easy; in fact, the sessions were still just as difficult, but Steve provided the motivation and direction that I had lacked. At the end of the month, I noticed results in my physical appearance, my energy level, and a return of confidence in my injured shoulder. I also noticed that I now enjoyed going to the gym. I trained with Steve for the next two years before I moved away from Oklahoma. During this two year period Steve became not only my trainer but also my friend. If you’re thinking about training then you should give Steve a shot. Training with Steve won’t be easy at first; actually, it will never be easy, but if you put in the effort it will be something you’ll find rewarding. The best part about steveclausen.com is that even though I no longer live in Oklahoma I can still get workouts that actually work for me, and I can remain in contact with Steven through e-mail. So, give it a whirl