I began training with Steve Clausen last year as a member of the Thunder Girls dance team. As a dance team we knew we needed a personal trainer to lead us in workouts that would get us in great shape. However, I do not think any of us knew the challenge we were in for when training with Steve. We began our season as trained dancers with a focus on keeping a level of endurance to sustain us throughout hard dance practices and high energy NBA games. But, we were missing a level of workout that would not only increase this endurance, but push us to new levels of transforming our bodies to be the best we could be. Steve’s workouts are proven to be different than any other workout I have done. As a team, we had to push each other to simply finish the workout and push through the challenges that soon came to get more and more difficult as the weeks continued. Steve combines a unique approach to personal training by incorporating strength training with body weight resistance and a little bit of muscle confusion. I started noticing a difference in my body within the first two weeks while doing a twice a week 45min workout with him. It is honestly one of the most difficult, challenging and rewarding workouts I have ever done. There are many times during our training that I would like to stop, give up and throw in the towel, but Steve calls me out and motivates me to keep going until I have finished the training. I feel he is the only personal trainer that has personalized a workout that is detailed specifically to me and holds me accountable to train every week. I have never done any of the exercises in Steve’s training before, nor have I ever seen them done before with any aerobic class or other personal trainer. He is unique, creative and gifted as a trainer.In the time training with Steve I have dropped 4% body fat, strengthened my core muscle groups and increased my endurance. I am now able to increase the level of difficulty and attain faster sprint times. I am more lean and toned than I have ever looked in my life. I highly recommend Steve as a personal trainer, he has re-created my figure and increased my strength and confidence.