Bootcamps - 

OneHealthyBod is the #1 Bootcamp in Oklahoma. The Bootcamp classes are designed for all levels of fitness. They are fun and different so you never get caught repeating the same boring workout. The workots are performed indoor and outdoor. They are with great people that love to workout.


Bootcamp Schedule


Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 6am-6:30am, 7am-7:30am, 9:15am-10am, 4:30pm-5pm, 6pm-7pm


Tuesday - Thursday: 6am-6:30am, 9:15am-10am


Saturday: 9am-10am


Trampoline Bootcamp at Elevation TP is held the last Saturday of every month from 9am-10am


The cardio programs that OneHealthyBod designs are here to help not hurt and we assure you if done correctly you will feel quite the opposite. Yes, they do hurt but these plans are designed to tear down, burn and rebuild a better you...


This type of training involves building and sculpting the muscles, then trimming away fat. The judging takes place over the way the body is put together down to the muscle fiber so symmetry is of utmost importance and this Is what we strive for in prep for a show of this sort. The myth of "getting too big and looking like a body builder" is just that.. A myth. A woman's body is a woman's body. The changes will be positive and feminine, this I promise.. The bikini prep on the other hand involved less trimming away of fat but it is equally as intense of training, the judging for bikini is also about balance and proportion of the body. The look achieved here is a softer look. If you have any questions please email me.


A vital tool in your success. The guidelines that we prepare for you will be group specific foods that you can choose from to meet your nutritional requirements. This is a guide that can help you gear your decisions in the right direction. As you advance in your training we will recommend a personalized eating plan, this will be discussed when we feel the time is right.


It is our goal to help you reach your goal! This is the most important part of getting started... Each client we have is different therefore each program is different. We tailor each personal training session around what you strive for, changing your appearance, increasing strength and endurance, weight loss and overall...increase self esteem. Whatever your goal is, we will be there 100% as long as you give us 100%. For further questions please email Steve or Jessica.