Steve Clausen and Jessica Bohne with OneHealthyBod specialize in weight loss, nutrition, personal training,  group weight training, and they both run the #1 Bootcamp in Oklahoma. OneHealthyBod also specializes in bikini and figure competitions.

OneHealhyBod promotes the largest fitness expo in Natural Bodybuilding. The OneHealthyBod Fitness expo is the home of three major fitness events, the Oklahoma City Classic, the USAPL  State Championship Powerlifting and the Red Dirt Crossfit Classic. It is held yearly in August.

Our  mission at OneHealhyBod is to help people put an end to the frustrating, unhealthy, yo-yo dieting and torturous fitness programs plaguing Americans today.

OneHealthyBod is the official trainer two NBA dance teams, the Oklahoma City Thunder Girls and the Golden State Warrior Girls.


OneHealthBod is also the trainer for three University spirit squads, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa University and University of Central Oklahoma.


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